Courses offered as online support to Faculty Development Programs.

The course will provide opportunities to explore and develop skills in the planning and implementation of the case method as a teaching-learning strategy in various learning environments. It will include topics on case teaching as applied to the health sciences, selecting cases, and planning and implementing case discussion sessions.  Activities and workshops on case discussion, planning for case teaching and conducting a case teaching session will help provide these opportunities.


At the end of the course, the participants will be able to:

Select specific courses, class sessions, or units of instruction where case teaching would be most useful

Design a case teaching plan for a specific session in their chosen unit of instruction

Utilize effective facilitation skills in the conduct of a simulated case teaching session

This three-day faculty development program is being conducted to familiarize the new UP Manila faculty with the philosophy and mandate of the university, the privileges, roles, and responsibilities of its employees, and the teaching-learning setting. Basic principles in outcome based education and the elements of an instructional design will be discussed. Participants will reflect on their own preferred teaching styles and will develop a course design that is aligned with the university's mission, vision and goals and consistent with their own teaching philosophy and style.

As excellent teaching results in excellent student outcomes, a faculty development program aims for excellence through continuous quality improvement of teaching.