Art, Man and Society

Light and matter; optical imaging; lasers; coherence and interferometry; linear and non-linear optics 

Introduction to Thermodynamics, Relativistic Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics and Atomic Structure

Introduction to the Internet: history and how the Internet works, multimedia, email, www, TCP/IP and other protocols, servers, client/server architecture, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

The analysis from historical and futuristic perspectives of the nature and role of science and technology in society and of the socio-cultural and politico-economic factors affecting the development of science and technology with emphasis on the Philippine setting

Current advances and trends in biomedical spectroscopy

Physical Principles of Medical Imaging; Fluoroscopy; Computed Tomography; Ultrasound; MRI; Radionuclide Imaging

Physics of x-rays, molecules, lasers, condensed matter, fundamental particles; basic nuclear physics; basic physics of radiation, its biological effects and applications

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Bio 22 Lab Classes of Mr. Neil Edsel C. Ramirez