Dentistry 166 (Dent 166) is the field practice of all senior interns where competencies learned from all the courses offered by the Department of Community Dentistry are applied. It requires interns to complete 200 hours of field practice. It is a community-based education wherein Dent 166 interns actively participate in learning and working with the community. The community serves as the learning environment where interns’ experiences validate and supplement what have been learned in the classroom completing the college’s community-oriented dentistry education.

Prerequisite Courses: Dentistry 165, Dentistry 199

Course Objectives
o To enrich professional preparation of interns through a practical experience in planning,
organizing, implementing and evaluating oral health care with specific groups and oral
health promotion and communication programs in a community setting; and
o To assist the community in developing programs that promote, achieve and maintain oral health.

Objectives of Interns in this Course:
By the end of the rotation, the intern must be able to:
o Understand the main principles of Primary Health Care; Community Development /
Organizing; InterProfessional Education; Community Integration
o Demonstrate the application of the above principles through their work with the
o Demonstrate an increased level of social awareness and openness to work with
communities in need of health care.