COMM 10: Critical Perspectives in Communication is a UP General Education (GE) course that explores how communication takes place in various levels of human interaction: interpersonal or group, mass or public, intercultural and workplace. It is in these spheres wherein you would be able to forge your individual and collective identities, and make sense of your interactions not only with others but also with institutions that impact on your thoughts, feelings, and actions. As you interact with individuals and institutions, you need to be armed with various lenses for you to have a more critical and meaningful engagement with issues and concerns of communication in local and global contexts.


This perspectives course engages you on a critical examination of communication issues in five interrelated areas: language, identity construction, representation, culture, and discourse. It is in these areas wherein the interdisciplinary nature of COMM 10 is evident. The course takes off from the arts and humanities, but certain concepts and tools of analysis are also drawn from the social science disciplines.


A GE program that loops in knowledge domains in the arts and humanities, social sciences and philosophy, mathematics and the sciences forms the bedrock of university education. A good GE program provides the base on which core courses in various curricula may spring from.


Hopefully, after finishing this course, you would have developed a clearer standpoint on vital issues through concepts and tools of analysis inspired by theories and frameworks learned in this class.