This is a 5 unit comprehensive internship program consists of 200 hours, given to pharmacy students in order to familiarize them with community pharmacy practice through practical training in the Retail pharmacy and Immersion in the Community Health Development Program of the UP Manila in AMIGA, Cavite , which also serves as partial fulfillment for their Pharmacy Licensure Examination requirements

Course Description: Practical training for pharmacy students in the hospital setting

Credit: 5 units (200 hours)

Prerequisite: Pharmacy 155


The Internship Program aims to provide the pharmacy students with the necessary practical training in the basic aspects of hospital pharmacy geared towards the actual dynamics of providing pharmaceutical care.

Specifically, at the end of the internship, the pharmacy intern should be able to:

1.familiarize himself with the objectives, philosophy and concepts involved in hospital pharmacy practice;

2.develop basic knowledge, skills and attitude required in performing pharmacy service; and

3.internalize the duties and responsibilities of a hospital pharmacist given the demands of the institution.

Internship Program for Philippine Science High School Students