This course offers an introduction to the sociology of development. “Development” and “Globalization” can be defined in many ways – some positive, others negative. In the media, development and globalization are often described as forces that will either wreck or save the planet. In this course, we will strive to develop a more nuanced view which sees development and globalization as an inter-related set of historical processes and mechanisms which have revolutionized much of human society
over the last several centuries but have not made the world “flat”.

The course seeks to get you thinking about questions such as the following: What is meant by development? How did come to see the world as divided in developed and developing/underdeveloped countries? What is distinctive about the sociology of development? What brings about development? Is development the same as modernization? Is there development without underdevelopment? What are the main factors, and who the main actors, involved in the development process? What is the role of state in the development process? What is the role of culture and institutions? Do geography and climate play a role in the development process? Can we conceive of development without economic growth? Does development amount to Westernization?